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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Its My Blog And I'll Cry If I Want To

My game is in the toliet! The hands I am putting people on are wrong, I underplay winning hands and overplay losing hands. That my friends, is a recipe for bankroll disaster. My $1000 bankroll is down to $350 with no signs of the freefall ending anytime soon.

I really have no point to this post except to whine and cry like a baby. The poker gods can be very cruel. I wont go into details about bad beats, but; there have been those as well. I was playing one of the 180 SnG's at Pokerstars last night. With 30 people left I was 5th in chips. Top 18 get paid, I go out in 20th.

I believe I have lost 4 of the last 5 times I have had pocket Aces. Seems statistically impossible, but it has happened. The one time I didnt lose with them, I got no action at all, just the picked up the blinds.

My tilt-o-meter is off the charts right now. I have the stupid gamblers disease. I want to win back all of my losses at once. I had lost about $300 on Saturday, so what do I do? I play a SnG at a level I have never played before, just to try and win a decent amount back. So I play a $100 SnG and go out in 7th. Well played sir! I know that is not the way to go about this, but it just knaws at you when you win say $50 and know that you still have about $650 in losses for the weekend. I want that big score damn it! I want healthy bankroll again.

Oh, btw, it doesnt help to leave money on the table. I actually came in 2nd in 2 SnG's over the weekend. 2nd! Doesnt sound so bad, except I had the chip lead going into heads up on both occasions. My heads up game has taken a dump as well. Here is what happens, I push and push and push because I have the chip lead and its heads up so you should be aggressive. Well what happens is my opponent will get tired of this and start going all in every time. I of course pick the wrong times to call the all-ins and viola, welcome to 2nd and I hope you dont miss that $90 difference.

Ok, thats about it for today. Thanks for reading my self pity post.


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