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Thursday, December 29, 2005


So I was reading the comment from my last post and replied to it. Then I started to wonder who may have posted it? Being as sharp as I am, it took a day or so to figure out what most would have figured out in a minute or two. So, I cant believe that Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie reads my blog! How cool is that? I always read his blog which can be found here
Lion Tales.

So now that I have one pro as a reader, I can only assume that you know, Doyle, Daniel, The Phils, Gus, Jennifer and all the others read it as well. Hi guys! You know, if you ever want to stake me or anything, I guess I would be ok with that!

As for the topic of the comment. I am sure every pro who has problem with the WPT agreement has valid points. However; I think the WPT has done alot in making poker as popular as it is today. Because of that, you see bigger fields for larger payouts. You see many more people in the card rooms, which helps the pros as well. Also, the exposure you may get, for example, from appearing in a WPT video game will do nothing but help you become recognized and maybe land some endorsement deals. I am sure I am being naive about this, but I think WPT does understand that its a two way street when it comes to their success. I do not think there agreement would in any way interfere with possible endorsements players get from other companies.

Please feel free to post your opinions, because I think this is a very interesting topic.

Oh, and I may change my tag line for the site to "What The Pros Read"! I am only telling the truth, right? Give me a hell ya Doyle!


  • At 9:51 AM, Blogger StB said…

    Wow, I am jealous. The Quiet Lion stopped by the blogger tourney in Vegas in June. Nice guy. Good blog too.

    I think the pros have a valid point. It seems the WPT is being way too stubborn here. They can easily adapt a WSOP style disclaimer. Why not adapt to what the pros are comfortable with? If not, someone else can come along and start up something similiar to what the WPT has.

  • At 12:38 PM, Blogger vegaas said…

    Good point. However, Daniel Negreanu, who has a video game coming out and is affilated with a online poker site, had the agreement checked out and says there should be no problem.
    That being said, you are that if the WSOP agreement is a better one for the players, then the WPT should look into that. The WPT can not withstand a majority of pros not playing. I am sure a final table with a named pro gets better ratings.


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