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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Review: Eric Lindgrens Making The Final Table

So I finished reading Making The Final Table by Eric Lindgren with special guest star Matt Matros. I give it a C.

Eric comes across as a likable guy, who is sharing some of his thoughts on tournament poker. Notice I say some of his thoughts. It seems very apperant that he withheld alot of information. I think this book could have been so much more if Eric really went in depth into his strategy. Unfortunatly he didnt. I did get a couple of pieces that were usefull, but not much.

The book comes across as a promotional tool for the WPT. The WPT is mentioned so much in this book that it becomes distracting. I understand that they basically published this book, but they didnt have to keep bashing us over the head with WPT references. Speaking of bashing over the head, thats what Eric does with his 2 main themes. Be aggresive. Play to win, not to make the money. Good concepts, but Eric could have given us much more info oh how to do this.

E-dogs material is very easy to digest and you shouldnt have a hard time following the information. I did pick up two things that I will implement into my game. I suppose that in itself should pay for the book, however; you still feel kind of slighted once you finish Erics sections.

After Erics sections, Matt Matros take over for two chapters. Talk about a huge contrast! While you can casually read Erics sections and not really have to think much, Matt is the exact opposite. Matt starts off by saying that he is going to cover basic poker math. Well, maybe its basic if you are a MIT grad. I think Matt would have been better served by dumbing it down just a little bit. By the time I got to the end of Matts second section, I was completely lost and had to reread both his sections very slowly, take carefull notes, and hope that I start to grasp the material better.

So who should buy this book? Well, if you have read most of the poker books out there and need a fix, well then this is for you. If not, then there are many books out there that you should look at before this one.


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