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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I see a bad moon rising!

I really need to avoid posts of people running bad. Whenever I read them it reminds me of how easy things can turn. For some reason it gets in my head and then I seem to lose.

Last night I entered the $20, 180 person SnG at PokerStars. I knew I was in trouble when within the first ten hands I had AA, AK, and JJ. Why is this bad? Well, because I knew the cards would turn on me, I would much rather have those hands hit me in the middle of the tournament. Turn they did.

I was up to T4000 early from those first hands. I was able to continue to chip up for a while. I was moved a couple of times, and then it happened. I was at about T7500, which put me in 4th place at the moment. I was moved to a table of absolute maniacs. And of course, I went card dead at this table. With the blinds 100/200, every single hand was opened for at least T600, with at least one, and several times, multiple callers. I never got much of chance to steal because someone always raised before me, or called the raise. I wouldnt have minded if I would have caught any decent starting cards, but it was not to be. I swear I was at this table for over an hour and I all could do was fold. Finally with my chip stack down to 4500 from being blinded away, I am in the big blind and get K8 of clubs. It was raised to only 600 from an ealry position player, two others call and because I havent played a hand in forever I call for the discount of only 350 more. The flop comes 567 of clubs! All right, I have a made second nut flush and I have a straight flush draw. I raise about the size of the pot, fold, fold and then the last player thinks for a while and calls. At this point I think he is on the nut flush draw, or maybe a straight draw. Turn is a brick and I bet about the size of the pot again. Again, he thinks for a while and calls. The turn is the Q of hearts. I am down to about T2200, so I decide screw it, if he has the nut flush, he has it, so I push. Why I did this? I dont know, I guess waiting over an hour for a hand and watching my chips disappear affected me. In hindsight, I know I am good enough to come back from just 2200, so I should have been carefull. He insta calls, he flopped a straight flush! I couldnt believe it when he turned over the 34 of clubs! That low opening raise of 600 probably cost me the pot and, just like that out in 33rd place! Ouch.

So many things I did wrong here. The first, why did I even play this hand to start with? I have to remember patience is very important. The second, why did I go all in on the river? He called both the flop and the turn, he has something, give him credit and move on. Again, I think it all goes back to being card dead for a while. When it happens you get bored, you watch your chips disappear from the blinds and antes, you feel like a wuss at the table. Just a horrible feeling. However, looking back, I could have withstood at least another hour with my chip stack. Eventually you have to get some cards to play. Damn I play dumb sometims.

I was steaming just a little at this point, so of course I entered a $30 one table SnG. And of course I played horribly and out I went in 7th.

Not good times! Not good times at all! So from now on, the instant I see a blogger writing about a losing streak, I will be running away like the wind from that blog. Just watch my smoke trials.