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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Who Let The Idiots Out?

So I was reading Jason Kirks blog which can be found here Catching The Antichrist.
In his post titled "Damning The Grind" he talks about losing his love for the game. He attributes part of it online to the way some players interact with others. You know the types, "Nice catch you f'ing fish" and so on down the line.

As I read this, I realized that if I am not carefull, these fellow poker players could do the same thing to me. There is a reason I despise going to the movies, its the idiots in theaters who think we all want to hear their opinions on the movie, or listen to them drone on and on about their lives! I hate these people! If I wanted to hear you, I would have paid you the $9 instead of the theater. I will be the one to go up to them and ask them to keep it down. But it only works for a few minutes, then they start right up again.

If these assclowns can keep me out of theatre, can they also keep me off the poker table? The answer for me is no, but what about the other players? What about the new player that just got interested in poker, comes online, get berated by one of these dumbasses and then never comes back? What about the players that mainly play in the B & M's, decide to get over their fear of the computer? They come online, run into Mr. Assclown, and decide, screw it, I dont need this, back to the B & M.

These idiots are the ones who may dry up the online poker world. What can we do about it? I wish I had the answer. There just seems to be a general lack of respect to one another these days. Its really a sad state of affairs.

As an example outside of the poker world. I ended up getting in a heated debate at an Xbox live forum. A poster commented that he wished Microsoft would more closely monitor the user names because some of them are very vulgar and he didnt like to expose his nine year old daughter to it. (BTW, there is a stated user agreement that this is unacceptable) What was the reponse at that forum? Just about every single poster stated some type of freedom of expression nonsense and that they shouldnt have to worry about other peoples kids. WTF? I posted in agreement with the gentleman that this should not be tolerated. I got blasted for that. You would not believe the insulting comments posted just because I stood up for decency.

As long as I am on this topic, I might as well alienate much of the poker blogging world. Thats ok, I am not a lemming, and I am not afraid to speak my mind. At the Tao Of Poker, Dr. Pauly has some guest posters for a while. The first one is named Daddy who apparently is a very popular blogger of the past. Well, his post didnt do it for me. In fact I found it to be rather disgusting to be honest. Not so much the content, but the actions after the main thrust of the story.(No pun intended) To be specific its the part with the cousins teddy bear. Talk about disrespecting someone who had nothing at all to do with what was going on. Why would someone think its funny to do that to someone who not involved at all?

Now I am sure it was a fictitous story, I am also sure that Daddy is an entertaining writer, very much more so than me. However; I didnt find it clever, I found it to be writing to the lowest common denominator. Daddy, from everything I have heard about you, I am sure you are better than that.

Well thats my rant for today.



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