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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Fish Out Of Water

Happy 2006 everyone!

So I have been playing Omaha 8 lately. I have never played Omaha or High/Low before, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. What an interesting experience it has been.

One of the great things about online poker is the micro limits you can play at. So in my journey into the great unknown of Omaha 8 I start at the most micro of microlimits, .01/.02 PL. Thank god for this limits, because I have no clue what I am doing right now!

I knew that with all the studying and playing of Hold 'Em that I have been doing that other games would suffer. I can still play Stud, but not like I used to. As for O8, I have no idea when to raise pre-flop, or when to call raises pre-flop. I get easily confused as to whether I have the low or not, I realized the minimum high you need to feel like you have a shot is the nut straight. It is an interesting new world I have entered.

I feel pretty good about my post flop play, because it all goes back to hold em at that point, but my god I need some work on the pre flop. I have SS2, so I have started reading through PLO and O8 sections. So much to learn. However; this has been a great way to keep my Hold Em game sharp. It breaks the tedium that can be Hold Em sometimes. I have also read that playing these other games can help sharpen your Hold Em skills. One can only hope. If you have any tips for O8, I would love to hear them

The old bank roll is at $977. Not much movement, in part because of all the O8 I have been playing.

The soon to be ex-girlfriend really doesnt get poker. She knows that my roll basically went broke in November and what I have now built it back up to. Her words of advice and confidence to me? Well here are three things she has said.

1. "Take out $700 while you still can."
2. "Dont do anything stupid and lose it all."
3. "You will regret not taking that money out once you lose it."

Well thanks hon! I have confidence in you and your endeavors as well!

She has no clue about what I am trying to accomplish. She just sees money now and that I should take it while the taking is good. She does not see it as an accomplishment of mine that I was able to build this back up. I am sure she thinks of it as luck, and that it will run out. Ah, my next woman needs to understand the poker player mindset.


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