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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Live Blogging, cause its all the rage

1:11 Live at a Poker Stars 30+3 SnG. Coming at ya just after the start. I have been dealt AQo on the first hand, limped from ealry, completely missed the flop and folded. Then dealt AA in the blind, raise it to 100, get one caller. Bet half the pot on the flop K J rag, and he folds.

1:16 Just dealt "The Treetop" and fold to raise and reraise.

1:18 Dealt wired 3's on the button. 1 off the cutoff raises 5times the BB, I call, the flop comes down with an A and K, he raises, I fold.

1:25 Dealt 6c4c in the SB. Three limpers, I call, BB checks. flop 2c 4d 5c. I bet half the pot, all fold but one. Turn is 7s. Having lots of outsI bet half the pot, he calls. River Qc, I make my flush, bet a third of the pot, he folds and I take it down. I am at T2380 aftet starting with T1500.

1:36 Just sitting here eating Sun Chips as I have not had a ............ breaking news, dealt wired Jacks on the button, a 4 limpers and I limp as well, should probably raise, but if I hit a set, I could be sitting real nice here. BB just raised all in. He has 930, so I have him covered. Folds to me, I'm thinking small pair here, if it was a big pair, would he raise less to keep someone aroudn? I call. Yes! He has pocket 3's. He doesnt improve and I am now chip leader at T3395 with 7 left.

1:42 Blinds are now at 50/100

1:43 Back to the Sun Chips, I wonder if they are really any healthier for you than other chip snacks. I like to think so because I like them, , but I dont really know. Same for Wheat Thins with Whole Grain, all the Whole Grain cereals, and V8. These are the things I eat and drink to try and convince myself that my diet isnt "that bad" when I am eating some greasy cheeseburger everyday for lunch.

1:48 I am now second, and we are down to five. Dont know how that happened, to damn busy blogging about Sun Chips.

1:50 I have A9o UTG, raise it up three times the BB and take down the blinds.

1:54 Why is the short stack always immediatley to my left? Really hinders stealing opportunities. Just tried it and he picked me off with an all in. Bastard!

1:56 Just tilted myself for not playing A2o to a standard raise from the button, and then see two more dueces come down on the flop.

1:59 I am in trouble, just lost two consective hands were I raised preflop, only to be reraised allin. Down to T1045 and we are on the bubble. Who the hell says people play tight on the bubble, I tell you what, I really dont sit that at these SnG's.

2:01 Just sucked out a gut shot to survive. I have A6o, down to 960 in chips and its folded around to me, I go all in, just hoping for the blinds. I am called by A7. Well, I rivered a straight.

2:05 Bubble just burst and I am still in. I busted him when I had 10d9d and flopped top pair on a board of 9 5 3.

2:07 Too much to type right now, will give recap.

2:14 Well, I took 2nd. Much better than third, but I am still not happy with my play. Time to post mortem, and see if I can figure out why I am making some of the plays that I do.


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