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Friday, February 10, 2006

No Limit To Fun

All I really play is No Limit Hold 'Em. I have noticed a slight boredom setting in. I play Stud, Omaha and O8 occassionaly, but not really because I like those games, its just good to keep up to speed incase you end up in a mixed game. I was looking for something to get the juices going again, I think I found it.

For the hell of it I jumped into a 3/6 limit game. I had a blast!

No Limit strategy can get old after awhile. Have a good hand, bet high enough to not allow your opponents to get the correct odds to go for their draws. Have a draw, bet high enough to try and get people out of the pot. Have an absolute monster? Slowplay to extract as much as possible. Bluffing was about the only thing that hasnt gotten a little stale to me.

The strategy in Limit is so different. You are not going to bet people out of the pot often. The really intriguing thing to me in Limit is the pot odds. In No Limit you can control the pot odds easily. Not the case in Limit. If you bet strong and heavy from preflop on, you are giving people the correct odds to call when you get to the latter streets. It adds a whole new element to gameplay for me.

No Limit pots are usually pretty small most of the time, and then every once in a while you see an absolutely huge pot. In Limit, the average pot size is much larger. Larger pots equals more excitement to me.

What got me thinking of playing limit was something the Poker Princess posted. She mentioned that you hear that most pro's play No Limit tournaments and Limit cash games. That got me to thinking that I might need to brush up on my limit game. Am I glad I did.

Every night I now play one or two No Limit Tourneys or SnG's, and then some Limit ring games. It has broken up the monotony of poker for me, and as a side effect, I think it will make my poker game in general much sharper. I have read in books that the pros recommend playing various types of poker to improve you game. Hmm, maybe they are onto something there.

Some of you may only play Limit and are getting a bit bored, well then try No Limit, Omaha or Stud. Variety is the spice of life, and poker is no different.


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