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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Random Thoughts 2

Been busy lately with helping the soon to be ex find a place. Things are good between us, but she is dragging her feet on this a bit, and I am ready to move on.

My current band is going well, learning a ton of new material and we have been on the last few gigs. Our new back up singer is quickly becoming our new co-singer. Very good voice.

Still dragging my feet on a new hard rock band. I have two great guitarists available to me. Need to find a drummer or singer who has a place we can practice at. The practice space issue is the big problem right now. That and the fact that I am the most unorganized person around. Trying to cooridinate peoples schedules to get together and jam is not my thing. I am much more the tell me were I have to go and I will be there type.

The Blogfather listed a link to me. I read him all the time, and that was a pleasant surprise.

I have played horrible poker the last week. I took the weekend off to figure out why I suck. One thing I have realized, I am not good enough to make big laydowns, that cost me a bit o dough this past week.

Why isnt "The Hammer" called "The Treetop". Just read about that in "The Book Of Bluffs". That is one of the greatest bluffs of all thime.

Now that we know that Justinwhoeverthehellheis got busted for multiple accounts on Party and PokerStars, it makes me wonder how many others are out there.

Playing a $30 SnG on Stars right now. Down to 6 players, I have 1840 and in 3rd. We'll see what happens.

Just busted a guy with wired 7's holding up.

BTW, is wired pair redundent? Shouldnt it be wired 7's and not a wired pair of 7's. Drives me crazy every time Mr. Van Patten says that.

The Jackass to my immediate right in the SnG keeps raising all in.

I keep hitting mid pairs on the flop, I wonder if I play them too strong sometimes. For that matter, I wonder if I play them too weak sometimes as well. My game is officially in the toliet right now.

I play too many hands out of position. I get those marginal hands in early position after being card dead for some time and I just cant resist. Its like they are singing to me.

I just noticed, I never just out and out bluff, I always have outs. But, I semi-bluff alot.

In second place, 3450 in chips, 5 left.

Bubble time, just busted a guy when my wired 6's held up to his Ac 3c. 4420 in chips, 4 left, still second place.

Chip leader is now going all in on me when its my bb. Bastard!

Just lost a race with the short stack. My AKo failed to improve and his wired 5's held up. Down to 3445, still in second and we are still on the bubble. I have had many bubble finishes this week, hopefully I can breakthrough that streak.

Jesus, the blinds are up too 200/400 with an ante and we are still on the bubble, this sucks.

I just busted out the short stack. I sucked out when a fourth heart fell on the river.

Irony, just got knocked out in third when the chip leader sucked out a heart on the river to win the race with my wired 8's. Bastard!


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