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Monday, May 01, 2006

Might as well post

I havent had much to say lately, so that is why there have been no posts.

My game is kind of stagnant right now. I am not playing great, but not lousy either. I am basically breaking even in the bankroll department. I think it is time to break down my game and reconstruct it. I am just not happy right now with my poker play.

Speaking of my poker play, I played horribly last night in the WPBT Stud event. I was close to the chip lead the whole way and then completely self destructed once we got into the points. There was one player who kind of put me on tilt, after that I donked off all my chips.

The player I speak of was super aggressive with very marginal hands, so I ended up in some betting wars. All it took was one suck out to send me on tilt. Well that and after that suckout I was the bring in for 5 out of the next 7 hands. That helped the tilt factor. After that I was staying in hands where I knew I was behind, not smart, but that is kind of my M.O. I let people get to me too much when playing. If I can eventually plug that leak, I may start to see my bankroll grow again.


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