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Monday, March 20, 2006

WSOP Blogger Satellite #1

I sucked last night. I played terrible. I let a player at the table get to me, and that is one of my biggest leaks right now. I overplay hands at times when a player starts to get in my head.

I have player immediately to my left whos url I do not know, lets just call him Joe. He reraised just about every raise I made last night. I could not steal, and knew that any marginal hand was going to cost me to play.

After the first break I decided I was just going to wait it out and trap him. Good plan, horrible execution. I am in the SB with AJd. Its folded around to the player one off the cutoff. He raises 3 times the big blind. Now I know Joe is going to reraise, because he always reraises any threat to his BB, so I call the cutoffs raise, sure enough, Joe reraises, the initial raiser calls, and I reraise to put the original raiser all-in. Joe calls the reraise which is ok, I expected him to, but so does the original raiser. Oops. I dont remember what each player had, but the original raiser had the best hand, I had second best and Joe had the third. The board didnt change any of that, both Joe and I had the original raiser covered, so we were still in it.

That was stupid, I was so focused on trying to get rid of the pain in the ass on my left that I completely ignored the original raiser. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

A few hands later I am still a bit upset with how I played that hand, and do something just as dumb to completely cripple myself to less than 3 BB worth of chips. I am dealt wired 8's. I raise 4 times the big blind. Its folded to the BB(I dont remember who this was) who reraises me. I know he hasnt played alot of hands lately, but somehow convince myself that he is making a play on me. I reraise him all-in. Of course he calls and shows KK, and I knew the reraise was dumb before I even did it, but my frustration of Joe constantly reraising came out here. I think that my thought process wast that they have seen Joe reraise me off hands and I didnt want everyone starting to do it to me. Two horrible plays because I couldnt control my emotions and bam, knocked out in 36th.

I really need to work on controling myself at the table. I know I am making a bad play, but just make it anyhow out of sheer frustration. I need to remember that the best players can remove themselves emotionally from the game, if I can ever get to that point, I may become a competent player.


  • At 6:06 PM, Blogger StB said…

    I saw you up at the top of the board early on and then you disappeared. I was wondering what happened.

    Also, I just saw that July 8 is the Summer Classic. Sorry if I got your hopes up. My bad.

  • At 6:38 PM, Blogger CraigNY said…

    Your leak is my leak as well. When things go well, I am confident, smart and aggressive. When a player gets under my skin, I focus too much on that one player and make bad, overly bold plays to try and get them back. Huge leak for me. I have to remind myself that I've never seen Ivey go on tilt, ever. He accepts the luck factor in poker and plays his best game at all times.

  • At 9:37 PM, Blogger vegaas said…

    Excellent point about Ivey Craig, he is just so deliberate in every play he makes. It seems so emotionless, I need to remember that.

    Yeah, I was tracking you as well STB. I was happy to see someone representing Milw so well. After I busted out, I was a little ticked off at myself, so shut down the computer swore off poker for the night. Was hoping you did well, and you did, congrats on that and the dominating points lead you have right now.
    MM baby!


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