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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Live bloggin, while drunk, and playing a SnG, that just screams +EV

2:35 A.M. Ok, just got back from a bar where I met my two singers. One of them is the host for Kareoke(sp?). Was downing the Southerns and coke pretty well tonight. Along with that, I let my singers pick out some fruity ass shots, so I am well prepared for this damn SnG.

2:37 Folded my first couple of hands and now I am in the big blind and just tossed away about 200 in chips with KJh.

2:38 Just played weak ass poker by throwing away wired threes to a huge overbet of 200 with the blinds at 10/20. Weak ass move on my part. I was in the small blind. Dont know if I should have played it or not. Damn I am drunk. Thank god I work second shift!

2:42 Folded around to me, I raise three times the big blind with K 10 off suit and am reraised by the small blind, I fold.

2:43 For those of you not in the Milwaukee area, I am eating some George Webbs double cheeseburgers right now. Fuck, I have typeover set right now, and I dont know how to turn it off, this sucks. Anyway, George Webbs is only a place you eat at if you are drunk. If I am sober, I cant stomach the place.

2:47 I just finished the my last double cheeseburger and wish I would have ordered about 5 more. There is jack to eat here right now.

2:48 I tried to get my singer to play Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit tonight. I told her it is the only way I would sing. She wouldnt, and I ended singing a duet with her tonight instead. It was Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, how the hell did that happen?

2:50 I am folding every damn hand in sight right now, and then I am dealt wired 5's. I am in horrible position. The board is all over cards, I check and fold.

2:52 I really wish I would have order more double cheeseburgers. A soda would go really well right now as well. And that is right all you damn known Wisconsinites. Its not Soda Pop, or Pop, its a damn soda.

2:54 How the hell do I turn off this overwrite? It is really fucking me up.

2:55 I really want a cigerette right now. I dont smoke in the house, only outside. I agreed to it when we first moved in, that is really coming back to bite me in the ass right now.

2:56 BTW, I found a replacement for the July 8th gig. Yes! Vegas here I come. I dont know if the poker world is ready for a drunk Vegaas yet.

2:57 I am down to T1060. Why the hell did I fire up Stars? I should have just ate and went to bed.

2:58 I REALY want a cigerette, I may have the select the dreaded sit out next hand option to go have one.

3:01 Just back from having a cigerette. Is it just me, or do you always envision having pocket aces while you were gone.

3:03 Just busted out with pocket 8's that I way overplayed. Oh well, lets register for another, shall we?

3:04 I think the U.S goverment is shutting down Stars, there are only 2 mid level SnG's available. Might as well play it while I still can.

3:05 My ex, who happens to still be fucking living with me is going to be pissed. I was supposed to go grocery shopping tonight after work, instead, I went out and party with some very attractive ladies. Tough choice, huh? Of course I am now home without any of the after mentoined pretty ladies, so who is the loser now? Please dont answer that. How the hell do I turn off overwrite? I had to rewrite that last sentence because of it.

3:13 Just won my first pot of the night with KJ offsuit, I am in last position, every checks to me after the flop, I bet and take down a T120 pot. Exciting, is it not?

3:15 Here is bad idea, I think I am going to go get my bag of smoke.

3:17 Just dealt pocket kings. Raised to me, I reraise he calls. Flop has king, he bets, I call. Turn is a KING! Thems quads beetches. Wow, he goes all in, nice double up for me. All skill!

3:20 Got the smoke, already can tell that this can not end up good.

3:21 Yes ladies, to answer your obvious question,I am available now. After reading this masterpiece, who wouldnt want to hook up with me?

3:22 I seem to have this problem of having maniacs directly to my damn left. This guy has called or reraised my raises a couple of times. Same pattern. I bet preflop, he calls. I bet half to all of the pot post flop, he reraises all in. That mother f'ing son of a bitch. I am taking him out. And yes, I do realize other bloggers may be reading this and take advantage of the leak in my game. I say, bring it on beetches.

3:27 Revelation, I am an ass when drunk.

3:31 Wow, I almost hit call instead of fold to someones all in prefop raise, that would have sucked, seeing as I had 5 3 offsuit.

3:32 I limp with 76c and flop comes AQ8 no clubs, we all check. Turn is a 9 checked
to me, I bet 3/4 the pot and taking a whopping 150 pot down.

3:34 That son of a bitch to my left just beat me out of a pot, I am down to T1850. That bastard just keeps calling my raises, the few show downs, he has had the goods, I am taking that sob out! Mark it down. BTW, even though I am inebriated, I realize that I have blogged about my weakness of this. I really should know better, but screw, that fucker is going down! Plus his picture sucks. Its some dumbass with a mustache and beard that looks like he is straight out of the damn 3 musketeers.

3:38 Damn, he just busted someone and is now the chip leader

3:39 We are down to 5 and I am 4th with T1575. Both chips leaders are directly to my left. There the pain in my ass who is first to my left, he is chip leader, directly to his left is the the second place player. This sucks.

3:41 Yes, just doubled through pain in the ass to my left. folded to me in the SB where I have KcQs. I raised four times the big blind, he calls. Flop Q93 rainbow. I bet half the pot, he raises me all in, I call. He has Q2. I have him dominated and win the pot.

3:44 I just busted him and another out with wird 5's! We are in the money! I was SB again. Short stack goes all in with 5 players left in the game. I call, pain in the ass reraises, I call. What a dumb ass. Short stack has A 6, has 10 8d.

3:48 Damn! Dealt pocket rockets on the button 3 handed, should have raised, but limped. Sb completes, BB checks. Flop is 8 5 q, he bets, I reraise all in, he calls, 8 5. Stupid. I am now crippled with T550 left.

3:50 I am out, K 6 offsuit, raise all in, called by BB with Aces. Oh well, with the two games I only lost $12 dollars, but should have done much better.


  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger StB said…

    Ah, drunken poker. Nice! I long for that day again. The toughest part is being patient and not falling asleep.

    We'll have to hook up for Vegas. I am not sure exactly what dates I am going for the Summer Classic. right now it looks like leaving Thurs, the 6th coming back either on a red eye on Sun the 9th or Mon the 10th.

  • At 4:59 PM, Blogger vegaas said…

    We will definitly have to hook up for the Vegas trip. I think I am going the previous weekend with some family members and then will stay through classic and leave that sunday night.


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