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Friday, March 10, 2006

I am a whiney little b****

I have been really tempted to remove my last post. I wasn't comfortable after I posted it, and then SirWalgman drove it home. What the hell am I whining about? Its fine that NCG pissed me off, its also fine that I wasn't happy with the last hand I played. Great, I could have posted about those two hands without adding some of the other nonsense.

As I reread my post, I put myself in the position of the reader. If I am running bad and then run across that post, I would be annoyed that this bastard has the audacity to whine about 2nd place.

There was really no need to mention the money, to me it reads as if I am bragging, while yet still complaining. Not good.

I am going to leave the post up as a reminder to myself of what not to post again. I've never claimed to even be a competent blogger, so this is a learning process for me.

Thanks for the comments and hope to see you in the tournaments that other bloggers are setting up.

First we Iggy who has set up a satellite tourney for a WSOP seat for a $1500 event of your choosing. Of course you should already know this, because if you are reading this blog and not his, then what the hell are you doing?
I have already sent an email to "The Blogfather" to let him know that I want in.

The second tourney kicks of the WPBT POY season. Biggestron has set this up. The first tourney is PLO. I am a complete fish in that game, but I still am signing up for it. The chance to compete against fellow bloggers in a series of tourneys sounds like a lot of fun.

On a completely different note, the duplicity of a blogger out there is just amazing to me. He preaches about his strong belief in the lord, (which is great if that's your thing) yet also preaches his belief that women should be smacked if you feel they are out of line. WTF is that? People have also mentioned racism in his posts, but I can not confirm that first hand because I have only read a few of his posts and really don't care to read anymore. The question is how can you preach about a close relationship with the Lord and still condone violence against women? Actually it doesn't surprise me that much. I have a serious issue with religious zealots. Please note that I do not mean ordinary people who practice religion and think for themselves. I am talking about zealots, and from my experience, they are the most hypocritical people on earth. As an example, I did an AIDS walk a couple of years ago. Who are lined up along the route? A bunch of these zealots who are yelling at us that we are going to hell for supporting homosexuality. Oh really? I thought I was helping raise money to fight a horrible disease. And by the way, doesnt the bible preach forgiveness and acceptance? Guess these guys missed that day in Sunday School. BTW, have you ever noticed most zealots you talk to are recovering from some type of addiction? It seems to me that they just swapped one addiction for another.

Anyway, I digress. Sign up for those tourneys and look for me at the tables. My name on all sites is Vegaas.


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