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Monday, March 13, 2006

WPBT Event #1

Congrats to fellow Milwaukeen STB for winning it. Nice job my man.

As for myself, I came in sixth. While I really wanted to win it once I got ITM, I was overall happy with my performance. I have never played PLO before. If fact, the only Omaha I have played is O8 for .02/.04 on Stars just to learn the game. I did read through Mr. Baldwins section of SS2 on Omaha. That was a couple of months back, the only thing I remember is dont bet too heavy on straights or flushes unless you have the nut. I am sure he also mentioned something about sets as well, but I dont remember. That is unforntunate, because thats how I went out, set over set.

My strategy going in was to be tight as hell, because I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of the other bloggers. Well, there is one problem with that strategy, in order to play only good starting hands, you need to know what a good starting hand is. I was pretty lost at first, but I payed very close attention to the hands the other bloggers were showing down, to get an idea of what and how I should be playing my hands.

I finally started to get comfortable with the game and was able to start picking out what makes up a good starting hand. I played a tight, aggressive game. I had a few bad beats in the end, but hell, I gave one to get to that point, so it evens out.

I have decided us Milwaukee bloggers need a name, just like over in the Carolinas they are known as G-Vegas, over on the West Coast they are known as Murderer's Row and the Austin bloggers are known as, well, Austin bloggers, but that's besides the point. I told STB last night we should have an original name, like the Milwaukee Mafia, you know, because I am sure no one in poker uses the Mafia monicker. (Please tell me you know that I am being sarcastic). So I decided, from now on we are the Milwaukee Mafia. Next time you see STB, congratulate him on the PLO victory, but more importantly, congratulate him on being part of the Milwaukee Mafia. I am sure he will ask you what the hell you talking about. He may even run away screaming, but that's ok, I am sure that he will be just putting on an act.

On other news. This was my first blogger tourney, and I realized I will be a complete idiot if I ever end up a table with well known pros. How do I know this? Well, because I was an idiot last night when I noticed some well known bloggers pop up at my table. It was really a form of being star struck, as sad as that sounds. It started with Bill Rini. He was the first well known blogger that I have played against. I beat him out a pot when I was on the button and he was the big blind. I limped, SB folded, Rini checked. I bet the flop, he folded, and I said I had to blog about beating Mr. Rini out of a pot in that very exciting hand, so there it is.

Later on in the tourney Dr. Pauly and Iggy both show up at my table at the same time. I am thinking holy crap, two of the most well written and well known bloggers both show up at my table simultaneously. Very cool. I made a comment about Poker Blogger royalty showing up. Then Dr. Pauly immediately stole my BB from the button. I made a comment about how I going to blog about the good Dr. muscling me out of my blind. I think Dr. Pauly thinks I am an ass. He is probably right, but, I really was just kind of like, wow, cool. And yes, I am a 37 year old man.

Dr. Pauly ran into some bad luck at the table when he ran into Quads(with the obligatory "Thems Quads .......) line that really made me laugh. Then he ran into a full house to knock him out.

Iggy finished 5th and I really enjoyed playing at the same table as him. He was short stacked for a while and did a nice job of coming back.

Speaking of Iggy, don't forget about the WSOP Satellite he set up for us this Saturday at Paradise Poker. Make sure you go to his site and get the details. And again, if you are reading this site, and not the others I mentioned, well then, you're an idiot.

Finally many thanks to Biggestron for setting this up, and he already has details up about event #2. I cant wait.


  • At 7:35 PM, Blogger StB said…

    Nice to see you at the tables last night. Though I may run screaming at the mention of the M.M., I would stay if bought a beer.

    Bloggers are some of the coolest people you will meet. Pauly, Iggy, Rini, and the rest them are great people. And Iggy will even let you make one comment (just one) about his being vertically challenged.

    What you really need to do is go to Vegas for the Summer Classic. That is one great fuckin time!

  • At 8:44 PM, Blogger vegaas said…

    Funny you should mention the summer classic. I am about to put up a post about it. Just found out about an important show that I gave the ok to, without thinking about the date. You can probably guess what day that is.
    Going to try and get the show date changed

  • At 11:18 AM, Blogger CraigNY said…

    Vegaas, it was a pleasure playing with you at the table with Iggy, Bill and Dr Pauly. However, in the interest of full blogger journalistic accuracy, I note that it was a straight flush, not a full house, that finally did in the good doctor.

    I enjoy your blog... Cheers!

  • At 12:11 PM, Blogger Bill Rini said…

    nice hand, sir :-)

  • At 3:35 PM, Blogger vegaas said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 4:12 PM, Blogger vegaas said…

    That is exactly why I do not write too many hand histories. I have a terrible memory, if I dont write it down right away, I forget the details. And of course, I dont want to compromise the journalistic integrity of this here blog!
    It was a blast Craig, and hope to see you at the next event.


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