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Monday, December 19, 2005

So this is Christmas, what have you done?

We played our Christmas show Saturday night. As usual, it was a blast. I highly recommend the raspberry margaritas on the rocks at Senor Lunas, very tasty. All went well, except I was a bit inebriated when we started the second set. Didn't cause a problem though, besides totally miscounting the beginning measures of a song and jumping into it too early. Ah, it happens, and other than that we sounded great.

As usual I haven't started my Christmas shopping as of yet, that's what Christmas Eve day is for, right? Froze my family jewels off buying a Christmas Tree on Saturday. Oh my god was it cold. For those of you not lucky enough to live in a cold weather climate, well let me just say you haven't lived until walk outside, take a breath and feel the entire inside of your nose freeze over. I am serious, it is so freeking cold here right now that you feel all the hair in your nose freeze into ice the second you inhale. It could be worse, I have the classic Polish runny nose when it gets cold out. God that sucks, if the tempature dips below 30, my nose starts running like an open faucet, its terrible. If you never had to endure this, I am envious. I always have to have Kleenex or a handkerchief with me when its cold out. So come to Wisconsin, experience icicles in your nose. How is that for a tourist slogan?

Poker has been up and down this week. The old bankroll is up to 477. I was in a $30 SnG with a habitual bluffer. The guy liked to show his hands too, so that was useful. It came down to heads up between me and him. I made a big mistake, never bluff a bluffer. I had Q 3 offsuit. I raised, he called. Flop comes down with 2, 7, A, rainbow. I raise size of the pot, he reraises. Now, I know how he plays, he slowplays when he has something and tries to bully you when he doesn't. So I reraise about the size of the pot(Here is my mistake, I should of went all in, my reraise left me pot committed). He of course reraises me all in. I have to call because I am now down to about 1800 in chips. He shows K 4 offsuit. So I read him right, just played it horribly. I should not have tried to bluff this guy, I should have waited until I actually had something. And if I was going to bluff after his reraise on the flop, I should have went all in. Very dumb on my part, I could read this guy like a book, so I should have stayed patient and waited him out. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Oh well, poker is a continual education process.

If I don't post again before Christmas, then Happy Holidays everyone.


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