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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick Hits

Just a few quick notes so you know that I am not dead.

* I will be updating this blog about once a week. I know that if I tried to update everyday that I would eventually burn out.

* I am in the process of rebuilding my bankroll after having cashed about half of it and then using poor BR management with the other half. The rebuilding process started with $50 around the middle of January and it is now at $445. I am committed to playing well within my bankroll this time, next time I cash out some of it I will drop down in stakes if needed.

* Just to give you an idea of what I was playing online before the rebuilding, 3/6 and 5/10 limit, 1/2 no limit, $20,$30 and $50 single table SnG's, and the lots of tournaments with varying sizes of buyins($10 to $100).

* What am I playing now? .10/.25 NL, $5 single table SnG's and $4 180person SnG's. BTW, I love $4 180 SnG's. Horrible play as you would expect.

* Hit a bad streak last week where I was knocked out of four consecutive 180's as follows: Aces cracked by queens when he hits a straigt at the river, flopped nut straight beat by flush on river, coolered when my set of queens ran into a set of aces and finally get it all in on Ace high flop when I hold AK, he holds kings, one outer king hits on river. That sucked! The good news is good BR kept me from losing much money on these. In the past I would have been playing way above my BR and lost a big percenatage of my BR.

* My band sucked this past Saturday. Our drummer coudlnt hear us very well so the timing was off, our singers forgot to sign a verse in a song, the guitarist and myself jumped ahead of everyone by measure in another song. The crowd didnt seem to notice but none of us were very happy.

* I am off to New Orleans next week! I love taking vacations down there, the food and music along with atomosphere are awesome. The bonus is getting away from winter for a little while.


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